AC/HP autoclaves

AC/HP autoclaves

Pressure tanks

AC/HP autoclave pressure tanks are designed to comply with the P.E.D. Directive 2014/68/EU for tanks containing pressurised water.

Fiorini pressure tanks consist of a lung of pressurised water which, properly sized, limits the number of start-ups that the pump needs to make, ensuring its longevity.

These tanks are mostly used to guarantee that water is distributed to the higher floors in a building and to handle any water shortages in aqueducts. Or they are used in industrial systems to keep pressure constant or to absorb water hammers.

Systems to lift and distribute water, domestic pressurisation systems in houses and apartment blocks, pressurisation for irrigation purposes, pressurisation for multi-storey buildings, such as towers and skyscrapers, and pressurisation in circuits in an industrial setting are just some of the applications for these tanks.

Every Fiorini pressure tank can be built, on request, with customised designs to meet specific needs and even in small batches.


Range capacità standard

Da 300 a 20000 Litri


Acciaio al carbonio S 235 JR

Trattamento protettivo

Zincatura a caldo o verniciatura esterna

Range di pressione massima

Da 6 a 64 bar

Limiti d'utilizzo

-10°C + 50°C


Distribuzione acqua in pressione

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