Pressure tanks

AK/AP compressed air pressure tanks are designed to comply with the P.E.D. Directive 2014/68/EU for tanks containing pressurised air. They are an indispensable element in compressed air distribution systems.

Fiorini compressed air tanks guarantee a constant flow of air and stable pressure within the entire air distribution network, compensating for usage peaks in, for example, tools mounted in-line and they reduce the start-ups of the compressors.

Automated transport, inert noble gas recovery benches, polymer extrusion pressures, laboratory applications and metal moulding presses are just some of the applications for these tanks.

Depending on the application, the tanks have to be designed to be able to resist working conditions of over-pressure, depression and compression and depression cycles.

Every Fiorini pressure tank can be built, on request, with customised designs to meet specific needs and even in small batches.


Range capacità standard

Da 300 a 20000 Litri


Acciaio al carbonio S 235 JR

Trattamento protettivo

Zincatura a caldo o verniciatura esterna

Range di pressione massima

Da 6 a 64 bar

Limiti d'utilizzo

-10°C + 50°C


Distribuzione acqua in pressione

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