Solar kit to produce domestic hot water

The Aqua Sun solar kit is the complete, simple and efficient solution to produce domestic hot water from solar energy.

The Aqua Sun thermal solar system kit is made up of solar panels, H2000 or H2500, a fixed coil water heater, SMART 2 or SMART 2 Solar Kit, a control and pump unit, expansion vessel, anti-freeze liquid and various kits to connect all the necessary components.

The Fiorini solar kit to produce DHW is available in six versions to meet the various daily needs of different situations, such as the number of people using the system.

These six versions meet the domestic hot water needs of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 7. 

For example, for a 4-person family, the kit will have: 2 solar panels, H2000, 1 SMART 2 Solar Kit water heater of 300 litres, including the regulating and pump unit, 20 litres of anti-freeze liquid, 1 expansion vessel of 18 litres and 3 connection kits for all the components.


Range di utenza

Da 2 a 7 persone

Classe energetica



10 elementi


Produzione di ACS con energia solare

Fissaggio collettore

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Produzione ACS

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