Water heater with removable tube heat exchanger

BOIL water heaters are designed to produce domestic hot water by using a removable tube heat exchanger coil.

BOIL water heaters for DHW come with various types of insulation depending on their capacity. They have an exterior coating in PVC and a magnesium anode for protection against galvanic currents.

Il trattamento protettivo interno è dato dal processo di vetroporcellanatura inorganica, fino a 1000 litri, e dalla smaltatura a caldo Bluetech, da 1500 litri.

The treatment for internal protection is an inorganic glass-lining process, up to 1000 litre tanks, and hot Bluetech enamelling for 1500 litre tanks and larger.

Accessories supplied with BOIL water heaters with tube heat exchanger are: adjustable height feet, safety valve and thermometer and are provided according to size.

Further accessories and equipment are available on request. In addition, Fiorini is able to satisfy any request for special designs, including in small batches, in short timeframes.


Capacity range

From 200 to 5000 Litres

Storage tank body material

Carbon steel S 235 JR

Tube heat exchanger material

Stainless steel AISI 304


Glass-lining/Bluetech enamelling



Operational limits

80/95°C - 6/10 bar


DHW production and storage

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