Geothermal heat pump for cooling and to produce DHW

The GEO heat pumps from My Clima are geothermal heat pumps that can cool your indoor environment and produce domestic hot water by exploiting geothermal energy.

GEO geothermal heat pumps from Fiorini transfer geothermal energy from the ground to you home, using just electrical energy, avoiding the use of fossil fuels and having an environmental impact of zero.

GEO heat pumps are divided into 3 models which differ based on their functionality and the power range:
1.GEO HFE: from 6 to 33kW
2.GEO HF: from 40 to 100kW
3.GEO EASY: from 6 to 33kW

Every GEO heat pump is suitable both for applications with probes as well as for applications with an exchange by well. Depending on the type, a Fiorini geothermal heat pump can provide heating and cooling, simultaneously producing domestic hot water in total heat recovery.


Power range

From 6 to 100 kW

Energy class



Greater than 4.5



Refrigerant gas

R 410 A


Cooling and DHW with water-water heat pump

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