IANUS hybrid heat pump system: the last frontier of Green Technology

The IANUS hybrid system is the result of combining a geothermal heat pump with hybrid photovoltaic panels. The system guarantees cooling, heating and producing domestic hot water by exploiting the electrical energy produced.

The IANUS system transforms the free and renewable energy from the air and the sun and produces heat and electrical energy to meet the needs of your home.

The Fiorini IANUS hybrid system makes the most of the renewable energy sources available without needing any type of fossil fuel, therefore the environmental impact is zero.

The main components in an IANUS system are the GEO geothermal heat pump for heating, cooling and to produce DHW, hybrid photovoltaic PVT panels, a buffer tank for the system, and the Free-Heating and Drycooler modules.


The IANUS hybrid heat pump system from Fiorini is the latest generation of green technology since, by combining a geothermal heat pump with hybrid photovoltaic panels, it allows clean energy to be generated, without the use of fossil fuels, to produce DHW and to provide air-conditioning to your home.

There are numerous advantages in using an IANUS hybrid heat pump system:

  • Heat energy and electrical energy are produced from the same solar panel
  • Effective use of the panel's capturing surface
  • Increased photovoltaic yield by cell cooling
  • Savings in installation and materials costs
  • Autonomous generation of electrical energy
  • Access to government incentives, like feed-in tariffs, and tax credits
  • Reduced metering rate for using a GEO heat pump
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