Hybrid heat pump for conditioning and DHW production 

Fenix is the (DC) inverter heat pump system that is ideal for providing air-conditioning to homes or small businesses.

This Fiorini hybrid heat pump system simultaneously combines direct expansion terminals with hydronic terminals.

In addition, Fenix, produces domestic hot water through heat recovery, without interrupting the cooling cycle.

The added value offered by the Fenix system is in overcoming the classic constraints of a heat pump: heating or cooling by using hydronic terminals and direct expansion terminals simultaneously. And what is more, as the system cools, it produces free domestic hot water.

The hybrid heat pump system is created by simply combining an F-ext outdoor unit and some indoor units selected from the F-idro hydronic module, F-tank units for DHW and F-wall or F-duct direct expansion indoor units. 


Power range

From 5 to 14 kW

Energy class



Greater than 4

Tax Incentives

Italian “Conto Termico 2.0” scheme and 65% tax credit

Modular system

Up to 45 combinations based on the needs

Operational limits

-32°C + 50°C

DHW temperature

Up to 75°C when cooling and 55°C when heating

Supplementary items

Thermal solar system or water heater management


Conditioning and DHW with air-water heat pump


The Fenix hybrid heat pump, an inverter heat pump system for conditioning and for DHW production with heat recovery, offers various significant advantages that make this a complete, incredibly innovative, highly efficient, high quality product for conditioning residential or small service sector spaces and to produce domestic hot water.

The main advantages of the Fenix hybrid heat pump are:

  • Fast and effective cooling
  • DHW production and heat recovery
  • Dehumidification
  • Ease of installation
  • Immediate heating through natural convection
  • Greater distance between outdoor unit and terminals
  • Maintenance free
  • System operation and simultaneous DHW production
  • Free DHW in summer
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