Air-Water split heat pump

The Idea Flex air-water heat pump system is the ideal solution for any residential application.

The Fiorini air-water split heat pump allows total control over the living climate by handling both the production of domestic hot water as well as heating and cooling through hydronic terminals like underfloor heating or a fan coil.

La pompa di calore Idea è disponibile in due versioni: Idea Flex e Idea Flex Galileus. L'Idea Flex garantisce le funzioni base per la gestione di un normale impianto, mentre l'Idea Flex Galileus garantisce fino a 24 funzionalità aggiuntive (vedi SW Galileus).

The Idea heat pump is available in two versions: Idea Flex and Idea Flex Galileus. Idea Flex guarantees basic operation for a normal system, whilst the Idea Flex Galileus guarantees up to 24 additional functions (see the Galileus software).

The Idea Flex heat pump system from Fiorini is made up of an indoor hydronic unit, equipped with a microprocessor that manages and controls heating or cooling of the water circulating in the system, and an outdoor DC-Inverter condensing unit.

The DC-Inverter allows, during winter operation, heat to be extracted from the outdoor air and then, during summer operation, the indoor environment to be pleasantly cooled by inverting the refrigeration cycle.


Power range

From 6 to 16 kW

Energy class



Greater than 4

Supplementary items

Thermal solar system or water heater management

Operational limits



Conditioning and DHW with air-water heat pump

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