Discover the Fiorini systems on skids

Fiorini builds systems on small- and medium-sized skids, ideal for industrial systems and processes.

This range of products was created with the primary objective to satisfy multiple technical and system needs, even with customised units, in numerous industrial sectors.

Every solution in this range is designed and built in complete respect of the geometries, dimensions, connections, pressure and codes indicated by the customer.

The solutions in this group range from simple exchangers to complex solutions and they are built by combining heat pumps and tanks which are mounted directly onto the skid.

The products in this Fiorini range, upon request by the customer, can be customised by following the indications relative to the colour, the plate and the brand.



Exchangers, pumps, tanks, manifolds, etc.


Plug & Play

Sector use

Industrial/production processes


By individual unit up to large batches


Standalone/integrated unit


Based on the customer’s specifications

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